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Drone Elevation

Aerial Photography and Videography Western Australia

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Leading the Way in UAV Technology

Drone Elevation is a premier drone HD 4Kservice company based in Collie, Western Australia, established in 2022. Our team comprises CASA-qualified pilots and holds a CASA ReOC (Chief Remote Pilot) certification, ensuring the highest standards in drone operation. We also boast a Category 1 thermographer, enhancing our capability in thermal imaging and inspections.

What we specialise in

We provide specialised drone services to meet diverse client needs. Our cutting-edge UAV technology ensures exceptional aerial photography, precise mapping, thorough inspections, and advanced environmental monitoring. Explore our services to enhance efficiency, safety, and accuracy across industries.

Aerial Photography & Videography

Experience the breathtaking and unique perspective of aerial photography and videography. Our drones capture impressive and stunning aerial photos and videos, providing unique and captivating visual content for various purposes.

Environmental Monitoring

Our drones are instrumental in environmental monitoring, enabling quick and easy mapping of large areas such as riverbanks. Monitor vegetation changes, river heights, and bank erosion with unparalleled accuracy, facilitating better environmental management.

Advanced Mapping Solutions

Utilise our advanced drone mapping for detailed and precise data collection, including 2D maps, 3D models, and elevation data. Our high-quality photogrammetry ensures accurate 3D imaging, enhancing construction planning, environmental monitoring, and more.

Thermal Imaging & Inspections

Thermal imagery is crucial for building and solar panel inspections, energy efficiency audits, moisture detection, and identifying structural defects. It also aids in search and rescue operations, firefighting, and night-time missions, providing invaluable data and enhancing safety.

Infrastructure & Asset Inspections

Conduct thorough asset inspections with our UAVs. Our drones, equipped with specialised sensors and high-resolution cameras, perform close-up, cost-effective inspections safely, eliminating the need for temporary structures or scaffolding.

Volume Calculations

Drones revolutionise the way industries like construction, mining, and agriculture analyse volumes. Our fast, accurate, and cost-effective volume calculation services streamline project management, improve operational efficiency, and significantly reduce costs.

Cutting edge technology

LiDAR Scanning

Our LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology offers precise measurements and detailed mapping, essential for various applications including topographic surveys and infrastructure inspections.

Real-Time Kinematics (RTK)

RTK technology enhances the accuracy of our drone operations, providing real-time data for precise positioning and mapping.

Autonomous Flights

Experience the efficiency and reliability of autonomous drone flights. Our UAVs perform complex missions with minimal human intervention, ensuring consistent and accurate results.

Orthomosaic Mapping

Create detailed orthomosaic maps with our drone services. These high-resolution maps provide comprehensive overviews of large areas, aiding in planning, analysis, and decision-making processes.

Safety and Cost Efficiency

Out of reach? Says who - Ask Drone Elevation

Out of Reach, Says Who?

Our drones access hard-to-reach areas effortlessly, providing comprehensive inspections and data collection without the risks associated with manual methods.

Hover more, worry less with Drone Elevation

Hover More, Worry Less

Safety is paramount. Our UAV operations minimise risk to human life, ensuring safe inspections and data collection from high-resolution cameras.

Adrian and Sharen, owners of Drone Elevation

Cost Saving

Reduce costs significantly with our drone services. There’s no need for temporary structures or scaffolding for inspections, saving both time and money.

Industry-Leading Equipment

DJI Drones

We utilise top-of-the-line DJI drones, known for their reliability, precision, and advanced features. This ensures the highest quality outcomes for all our drone services.

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Drone Elevation are committed to leveraging the latest UAV technology to provide high-quality, efficient, and safe drone services tailored to the diverse needs of our clients.

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